Are You Choosing Your Protective Work Wears Properly?

Special protective work wears are special work clothes used for special working environments, including: fire-retardant overalls, fireproof suits, arc flash protective suits, welding overalls, etc., to meet different requirements of functions during working.

一:arc flash protective clothing

The arc flash protective garment made of a uniformly distributed conductive material and a shielding fabric such as fiber is suitable for use in the electric power industry. When a live working operation is performed on a high voltage device having a voltage of 500 kV or less, a part of the external surface of the human body can be formed in a high electric field. The equipotential shielding surface protects the human body from high voltage electric fields and electromagnetic waves. It is generally measured by the ATPV value. A arc flash garment made by Jiangsu OREA FR® brand is the best choice, through NFPA2112, NFPA70E test standard. 7oz fabric can reach HRC2 8cal or more.

二:flame retardant clothing

Widely used in the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, automobile manufacturing, fire protection, industrial furnaces, metal processing, welding, chemical and other places, engaged in open flames or sparks or in the vicinity of molten metal, and in the presence of combustible materials And in places where there is a risk of fire, it should be worn during work to reduce the risk of fire caused by the burning of clothing. Flame-retardant garments such as fire retardant coveralls, fire retardant jackets, fire retardant vest, fire retardant pants, fire retardant hoodies can slow down the flames and spread the clothing after directly receiving the flames and hot objects, and will carbonize to form an insulation layer to protect the safety and health of the operators. Jiangsu OREA FR® Safety Textiles has many series of flame retardant garments that can meet your requirements.

三.Welding protective clothing

It is made of fabric, leather or fabric made by filming or spraying. It is made by special sewing process and has considerable requirements for flame retardant performance, metal droplet impact resistance and electrical resistance.

So are you choosing your work wears properly? Jiangsu OREA FR® Safety Textiles Co., Ltd has been developing so many years in protective work wears. Our garments and fabrics can meet various test standards and have been protecting your work safety all these years. Work Safety comes first, we will hold together with you to protect your workers all over the world.