Pilot Flight Suit

Pilot Flight Suit
Product Details

Pilot Flight Suit:

1. 92% meta aramid, 5% para aramid, 3% conductive fibers, 4.5oz (150gsm) fabric, olive green color.

2. Type 1 ,class 1, CWU-27/P style flight suit/coverall.

3. Sewn to Military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-23141A).

4. Two way zipper with pull.

5. Six primary pockets.

6. Knife pocket on the left leg inseam.

7. Pencil pocket on the left sleeve.

8. Garment closing method - slide fastener front.

9. Gusseted back and adjustment method:

10.Hook pile fastner tape and strap sleeve with velcro.

11.Patched pockets on both lower legs.

12.Patched cargo pocket on the left sleeve.

13.Two patched chest pockets.

14.Patched pocket on the inner left thigh.

15.Two patched pockets on both outer sides thigh.

16.Flame retardant, anti static and light weight.